My name is Ana, and I draw to bring down the institution of your heart. I screen print and make games.

Read more about me, things I think about, see some projects I’ve had the pleasure to do, or email me.

BuckTown Arts Fest 2013

Illustration Print Making
Luczynski Ana Bucktown Poster

Absolut Sticky Footer

Ever needed a footer to rest on the bottom of the window when there isn't enough content to push it there? It's for aesthetic reasons, right. Sure. There are quite a few ways to make …

Animation Tester Tool

This is a continuation of my recollection on building a game. Previously, I talked about the characters of the game and shared some designs. I opened up to the next posts being about the animation …

Pavlovs' Training

Almost a year ago I chose to stand and work. Oh, what a sorry sop I was at first, my delicate little feet and legs so sore for what seemed like such a simple and …