Buying Cars and Insurance

Breaking down the journey of a parent getting a car and insurance for their child, and the supporting staff of insurance and leasing agents, these characters relate to the frustrating parts of car management and the relief one feels with the proposed high level of intrapersonal support powered by technology.

This art was used in a presentation selling software meant to connect more nodes of the entire lifecycle of owning a vehicle. Illustrating the journey from the centerpoint of people, rather than software, champions a foundational human-centered approach of imagining and building the next wave of digital tools we bring into the world.

three vignettes of a moustached man clapping with glee, feeling frustrated and pressing against his forehead, and sighing with contemplation and a cup of coffee and phone people on their phones and computers talking to one another three scenes: one man on a computer which is prompting him, a father and son in confrontation, and a woman holding a phone commenting how easy her current task is

Exploration sketches for the isometric quality this project was taking.

isometric sketches of people in boxes isometric sketches of cars in boxes