Going to IKEA

Here is illustrated the day that is the IKEA visit, from arrival to finished product of a whole new bedroom. Scale and depth play with eachother as a person enters the immense furniture store.

In a project seeking to further digitize a shopping journey for elements of a home that have no true digital value, these illustrations showcase the humans and their retail environment. How does a person find themselves amongst such sheer mountains of the banality that is modern home life. In the non-stop ploy to imagine ways of selling more, I thought it was most important to remember and focus on what the tale is really about, which is helping a person furnish their home.

an IKEA store, shown in diminutive big box size, with a lady waving outside alongside two palm trees an open area in an IKEA store with two people sitting at some furnature and talking an open area in an IKEA store with a worker approaching a shopping guest at a table a shopping guest amongst beds in an IKEA showroom a shopper walking through the lighting section at IKEA a shopper at the warehouse shelving at IKEA a happy lady in her newly furnished bedroom

Quick layouts for review before bringing conceptual layouts to their finished level.

sketchy layouts of IKEA store scenes