Telling a story on Retail

A narrator here was illustrated to help guide an audience through a presentation on thought leadership on the state of retail. The combination of human and digital as a unit seeks to portray a light hearted yet shallow approach to an aspect of human nature that ultimately alienates us from eachother. The connection a human has to their digital twin dissolves their own sovereignty.

a character with a yellow shirt in various poses, sitting on a bench or a toilet, dancing, sitting next to their phone, and phones with social media images a character in a a yellow shirt in three scenes: in heartbreak with his phone, screaming no, and shocked at receiving a level up a yellow shirted character in three scenes: looking surprised, standing happily next to a younger companion, and looking confused a collection of scenes: a skateboarder looking rad from 1995, a computer and phone on social media sites, a character in a yellow shirt pushing a shopping cart grumpily, and the character in the yellow shirt laying on the ground happily with his phone which smiles back a collection of scenes: someone looking at their phone next to a tv, two characters looking at their phone next to phones demanding they buy, three old men faces next to a board, a person in front of a crowd prompting you to join them